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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 4, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> i am sure you could kill me on that. thanks for joining us. fox news alert. russia is threatening retaliation for any u.s. sanctions over ukraine. u.s. officials fear it is the start of something much larger. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. secretary of state kerry and president obama accuse putin of breaking international law. >> those are russian troops firing warning shots to the ukraine soldiers. >> harsh words and high tensions and two weeks after the blood bath in the square before me and secretary of state john kerry in
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kiev reported that he was terribly moved. there are caskets carried around the square to heroes never die and people saying prayers for the victims, all of this as people talk about the absurdity of russian and ukranian brothers on the verge of going to war. this call, ukranians want the base back from the russians and the russians said they would shot and warning shots were fired. and tense moments in crimea and putin said force would be against only terrorist. he blames the west for causing anarchy and all of the troops are not his but local defense forces and that caught secretary of state kerry by surprise. >> denied they are russian
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troops. and blamed the crisis on the united states. >> he denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> he blamed this on the president the united states. >> kerry paying tribute to the the victims gunned down by snipers and said the only threat here is russia invading ukraine further and accuses the russians of creating a pretext to do that. as a billion dollar loan package for ukraine and lots of talk in the united states and europe about what sanctions might be drawn up in order to punish russia if it further escalates the situation here in ukraine. >> thank you, amy kellogg on the ground in kiev. >> it is one of the most complicated foreign policy issues of mr. obama's president
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so. the president came out an hour ago to speak about the crisis. >> they are reading economic sanctions and what they are and how far they will go, it is not yet clear. they talked about options and everything from working with allies to work with them about the g8 and pulling out of the g8 in sochi in june. maybe even going as far as targeting of freezing of asset was russians abroad and that is, you start to hit the wallets and purses of russians with ties directly to the putin regime would hit the russians. >> the president said there will be costs for the act of
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aggression. but the converbal wisdom and that the president needs russia and he needs putin on the cooperation with iran and can't afford to alienate putin. >> you are right. russia is in the middle of many diplomatic fronts that the u.s. is dealing w. the situation in iowa ran and there is hopes that they will strike a big deal with iran and the administration's critics are not too hopeful that that will come together. and there are hopes in the administration that the syria deal with getting chemical weapons out of syria and the deal hinges on russia working with bashar assad. and critics say there is no evidence of that currently. russia is a linchpin in a lot of the foreign policy big ticket
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items that the obama administration is dealing with. they are dealing with now sanctioning russia because of the actions in crimea. >> isn't it interesting after iran and syria and libya and al-qaeda and all of the foreign policy issues that president obama has had to deal with, that some analyst said that what is happening in ukraine is the most complicated foreign policy issue of the president so. why are the stakes so high now? is it because of what you said, somehow all roads lead back to russia? >> it is. the geo political force comes back to moscow on a number of different fronts. his hand, putin's hand is in a lot of different foreign policy jars and president obama and this administration knows that. that is why it is so complicated. it will be interesting to see how far they push and tough the
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economic sanctions are. and you heard in the last few minutes the foreign ministry spokesman saying from moscow if any economic sanctions are lechled by the u.s. on russia which they say this is legitimate and the ukranian actions were an unconstitutional coup. if any economic sanctions come "we would have to respond as always in such situations provoked by rash and irresponsible actions by washington." we stress this is not our choice. it is a back and forth grenade essentially being thrown and it will be a matter of days what happens from washington's perspective. >> very high stakes as you said there. bret baier, thank you for helping us understand that. >> sure. headlines and developments,
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we are five months in and 30 district attorneys before enrollment ends and many insurance brokers on obama care. the problems with the roll out continues today. and lou dobbs is here today. insurance brokers are the middle men, right? >> they go-between the insurance companies and agencies. >> they are intermediaries and they are in the private sector critical to the process of going in and buying insurance and having it allocated by whatever f e choices among a host of insucompanies. it is the private sector. >> they are saying the system, i know it will shock you now, they are saying the system is clunky. >> is that one of the nicest words that you have heard is an adjective for obamacare? >> it is clunky and they point
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out why in the world when didn't work why they didn't go to the private sector as a back up instead of the steps and functions to get through to sign up for obama care? in retrospect the president and folks in the administration might agree it would have been a better choice. >> but they have to send customers to yesterday we reported on 14 different states that were still having problems even today? >> 14 states and by the way, one administration that has a lot of explaining to do about what is happening. we have five weeks to go and 3 million short of their target. if we reply on their statements of 4 million enrollees. it is not clear how many are paid for. this is following one mistake and one short coming and
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disaster after another. we know that 11 million people are facing the prospect of having their insurance cancelled. today it is said and we cannot confirm, they will have their policies kept in force even though they are obama care subprime and inferior products. they are looking good to the president right now. >> we heard so many times about the bumps in the road. brokern 2014 and will wait until november and look to the 2015 cycle. what does that say? >> they for great trouble. this government is trying to innerpose itself between the consumer of health insurance and government funding and have a direct system ezekia l is
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delighted at the idea that the brokers will go out of business. he said they are doomed. 100,000 of them. >> why is he talking that way? >> he wants a single payer? >> i think the man is. i can't read his mind obviously, bill. he hasn't been right about much of anything. the administration has been utterly wrong and terrifyingly wrong about obama care. and it is not working in the fashion they envegzed and it is a disaster. you will have a story to cover on your show for sometime. thank you, lou. >> as you watch the dangerous events in ukraine unfold, a new warning from former defense secretary rumsfeld why he said the situation will be worse until it gets better. >> president obama delivering a massive new budget. what is in it?
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the republicans have ideas of their own. >> plus, a dramatic rescue. a man buried alive and an entire team working to save him. >> he is cold and scared as any of us would be down there. when jake and i first set out on our own,
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>> a utility workers survives being buried alive. the crow was working on a sewer line when the wall caved in and trapped a man near the bottom of a 12 to the hole. it took emergency crews four hours to free up the man. first responders said the co-workers saved the victim by deging away dirt from his face so he could breathe. >> you couldn't so him because he was completely buried. >> he is a very religious guy
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and he was shouting prayers. >> the 21-year-old victim is hospitalized in serious condition. >> pray for the best for him, too. >> he is alive. president obama delivering a $4 trillion budget to congress including new spending at programs fighting the so- called war on poverty it is a unitiy push for the democrats. one republican is diane blackout of tennessee. welcome here to hq. >> good afternoon, bill. great to be with you. >> what did you think of the president's proposal? >> it is filled with the same old stale ideas of raising spending and taxes and nothing new in there. and i am disappointed he put 58
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billion worth of new spending sense he signed a bill with a budget agreement two months ago. >> the white house said 13 million americans are getting a tax break, are they? >> the best way to make sure everyone is are treated fairly is to reform. it we put out to reform corporate and individual side. and millions of jobs would be created. i wish the president would come down and listen and have a dialogue. >> he is calling for more spending. >> what is the chance that more spending passes this congress? >> i don't think he has much of a chance here in the house. i can't speak for the senate. but more spending is not the issue here. it is odd it came out on the same day we reached the $17.4 trillion debt. the debt clock is ticking and
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until we get serious about growing your economy and creating more jobs, obviously it is not the congress that creates jobs. but the american people are the job creators and we have a number of bills laying on the desk in the senate waiting for those to be moved forward. the president has it all wrong and wants to spend and tax. it hasn't worked. we have given him five years and the stimulus program didn't work. he calls it austerity when we added 6.8 trillion in debt since 2009. >> it is stale, stale, stale. >> i heard from a colleague on the senate side, they believe the budget would add 8 trillion over the debt in ten years. you mentioned $17.4 trillion mark, why would this administration want to leave office at the end of their second term with 19 trillion or
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could it be $20 trillion by then? >> yes, i don't know. i can't answer. that i wish someone would ask him that question pointed before a camera he has children and i have children that are grown and i have dprand children. i am concerned about their future. this president is adding to their debt. i am not sure why he wants to go down the road and why he will not talk with us. >> for me and our audience now. give us a different vision. what are you saying with the majority of the republicans there? >> we will put our budget out and we are working on that right now. you have seen what paul ryan put us out about helping people in poverty. we have to have programs that are safety net. but look at the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. those programs are not working. it is immoral to add programs if
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you don't evaluate those programs. more single women in poverty than any other time. we have to look at what we are doing and evaluate it and make sure our dollars are well spent. >> now you have an election year issue. the president has shown his hand and you and paul ryan and others will show your hand. how big of a contrast is that for voters? is that what they are paying attention to? >> i think when the president ran five yearsing on said hope. that's what we want to give people, hope. people who want upward possibility and best way to get them out of poverty is a job and dignity and upward possibility. that is what we should listen to and not just that we are throwing money in the old stale programs that haven't worked. >> the debate continues.
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as you point out 17.4 trillion just today. appreciate the republican from tennessee. >> thank you, bill. there are questions if the white house can change the obama care rules to help the democrats in the election. >> this will not make you smile. classic cars swallowed up by a massive sinkhole. they are being pulled out of the ground. classic corvettes are pulled from mother earth. >> new details in a case of an honor student who is sowing her parents who threw her out. >> yeah, new car and that comes under living with our roof. the end.
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here is our daily update to the important story. this is a live look at the national corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky. workers are trying to recover a 1962 corvette from the massive sinkhole. workers pulled two of the prize cars out of the giant pit yesterday as we showed you on hq. one of them was in good shape and they were able to start it. the other suffered extensive challenge. this happen when the earth swallowed up eight cars worth a million bucks. chevrolet will oversee restoration of all of the vehicles. >> new jersey honor student
10:25 am
suing her partners claiming they threw her out of their lincoln park home when she turned 18 years old. and the parents said she moved out because she didn't want to abide by the mom and dad's rules. >> reporter: is she spoiled or abandoned. rachel canning is a honor student and in her senior year in morris catholic high school. and she left home november on her 18 birthday and went to stay with a friend's family. she said they tried to break her up with her boyfriend and cut her off financially. she is suing them trying to get her to pay the high school and college tuitition. her father said it was a conflict over rules that escalating in full- blown
10:26 am
rebelian. >> are there privileges to living under my house. private school and car and that comes under our roof. you are enabled and she's steered down the wrong area and it is killing us. >> reporter: the two sides are due in court at 3 o'clock this afternoon. just because a child turns 18 it doesn'ts inially mean they are emancipated. partners may be financially responsible for their kids if they are accepted to and takened college. we reached out to both sides and perhaps we will hear after the 3 o'clock court date. >> thank you, rick. we were thinking what if you sued mom and dad? >> i would like to know what the hemmer household would do? >> it would not be pretty. >> what your parents would do if
10:27 am
you sued them? . >> oh. is there dinner involved in that? >> you might get dinner cut off if you walk out. >> send me a tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. >> what would your partners do to you if you sued your parents? >> sure. good luck to you. meanwhile what to do with russia as vladimar putin strengthens his hold on a key part of ukraine? is the u.s. doing enough. also testimony in the blade runner trial. what the defense is doing trying to keep him out of jail for life. and nice kitty. how this unlikely pair became frie ♪ what is new pussycat. ♪ ♪
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quick check of the head lines now. day two of the oscar pistorias murder trial. allegations that a tv station broadcast photos of the key witness against her witness. radio shack closing up to
10:32 am
1100 stores bis of dismal holiday sales. a tiger walked in a bar, that is the beginning of a bad joke. but it happen in a town nor chicago. video evidence now. >> they didn't know what to do. it is not like we walked in and turned him loose. >> i was a little scared and so someone walking the streets like it was a dog or something. >> he tried the same thing in december and this cat bit a woman. >> police are not laughing. he faces a number of charges including possession of a dangerous animal. we didn't so the pictures of the tiger and the bar. >> had a camera in their phone that would have said. >> send us that. >> tweet us the picture of a tiger in the bar? >> if you have it near chicago
10:33 am
we want to see it proon pronto. >> that is america's weakness physically the u.s. is behaving in a way that shoes the world we are in decloin and withdrawal. we have a leadership vacum created in the world and it is filled by the puttins of the world. >> that was former secretary of state donald rums feld warning of a power vacum. there are signs of a large scale invasion in ukraine despite warnings from president obama. kristin is a state department advisor and author of smart power. thank you for being here. you just heard donald rums feld say that president obama's policies are creating a power
10:34 am
vacum and instability. is that fair or is history replete of bad actors acting aggressively regardless of who is in office. >> it does matter who is in office and what they are doing. secretary rums feld points to a leadership vacouple. i defoy and viewer to explain what our foreign policy is to russia and middle east and china. it is inexplicable. what do other leaders to so if america is on the rise or decloin. they look at economic or military. growth is barely two percent now. and measure inflation it would be closer to one and maybe less. and then the military. secretary of defense hagel announced he wants another round of cuts. to before world war ii levels. that is the three our four
10:35 am
successive round of cuts that the military went through. real cut backs in american power and prestige. >> and analyst pointed out it was not the first time foreign leaders flouted president obama's demands and leans in the sand. and they talk about the snowden incident and china and russia asking him not to get the safe haven and the line that he laid down. and uganda and, hammid karzi in afghanistan, and so does all of this history suggest that we are a super pour in decliep or are they cycleal. >> i don't think we are in terminal decloin. the u.s. economy 16 trillion bucks compared to russia 2 trillion. and add america and the eu there is a 30 trillion economic block up against them.
10:36 am
we need to resolve and we turned the corner of economic maapproximate lace. it is hard with obama care looming over the economy and tax and spend coming from washington d.c. there is no sign of robust growth. >> and so what should we be doing in ukraine now? >> i think in the short term make putin feel financial pain. we don't need to talk about the troops and there is a lot to do in the middle. we should indict putin on war crimes and we hung people for doing what he's doing. and we should go after the banks they used and labelled as primary money laundering concern and that is a death sentence for a bank. and long-term. try to free central europe from russian synerjy. and that's how he coerces europe
10:37 am
and look to export north american natural gas and oil and they can consume that rather than be dependent on russia and the middle east. >> a lot of the good suggestions. and christian, thank you for your expertise. >> and from that to the latest turn on obama care. the white house playing politics with the law. >> the new delay allows insurance ers to delay it beyond lengz day. >> we have consultants, and good afternoon to both of you. 6.2 million cancellations, johnathon. the white house is aware of what it means to people? >> we are witnessing the slow- motion unfolding train wreck of obama care implementation. they passed the law but don't have the stomach to implement the worst part. they delayed the sign up for the
10:38 am
website twice and employer man date twice. and delaying regulations on insurance plans. with all of the information that we in the public don't have upon which they are making the decision, what is the next shoe going to drop? enough people have not seened up for the programs and we don't know how many of them paid in the system. that is a question here and there is a lot of unknowns and we are only in the front end of the bad news. >> if the administration a noupsed that people can keep the previously subparplans that the white house didn't like and allow them to keep them, will that help the democrats in the mud term? >> i think what we are preparing for is a long ride in the midterm election. this is the issue that republicans and democrats will hold on to for the political card. is political theater happening?
10:39 am
absolutely. when the last extension happens. the state can decide if it is implemented. and only half allowed it. most insurance companies department reinstate the policies. and so a lot of it is political theater on both sides of the aisle. democrats playing it in the midterms and the republicans reintroducing house legislation to gut the bill and play to the constitiencies. >> i didn't hear an answer to the question. >> the question is this, do the delays, johnathon, do they help democrats? >> in the short term it might. if they don't have the stomach to stick with the employer man date and health care plans, how will they go and fine 10-2,030 million people if enough people don't seen up to the program. if they are unable to sign up to
10:40 am
the people, they will fine people before the election, i can't imagine if they can't stomach the employer man date that they will allow the individual man date to go through. >> by the way, marjorie, insurance companies are not happy about the latest announcement, all of the changes are creating them fluff and not allowing them to set prices. could that back lash the democrats in midterm? >> insurer ares are not happy with what is going on. they are having to make the constant changes. but they are trying to impact voters and the individuals perceive it and it is good for the democrats to tell the home districts. >> but the democrats that are on the bubble in the red states if you get a delay on the
10:41 am
cancellation, does it help them or not. >> yes, it does help them. >> that's why they are doing it. >> absolutely. same relationship that republicans are trying to gut the bill altogether. it is political theater season and will be going on. >> more to come. >> thank you, and always great to see you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. the crisis in ukraine may be making hillary clinton wish she had a reset button. that could affect your white house bid. >> lois lerner on the schedule to testify and what does she know about the irs scandal? >> and coming up. shepherd smith will report live for us from ukraine. stay tuned for that. canned i am shepherd smith in ukraine, we are standing above independence square and now
10:42 am
memorials for those who lost their lives. today, millions of nowers and people stand in the spot where the fight began. we'll have complete coverage this afternoon throw o'clock eastern and two central on sheppard smith reporting on the fox news channel. [ male announcer ] it's simple phics...
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10:46 am
we'll stay on the story as the firefighter continue with the water. ewing, new jersey. there is e-mails that shed light on whether the former irs official loweris learner will testify on the targeting scandal. >> all back and forth after learner's attorney denied claims that she would appear tomorrow before the house and answer the question. learner did agree to waive her fifth amendment right. it is not clear she would do it in public. law makers expect her to appear. >> we'll ask jay sekolo. is lois lerner going to testify in front of congress this week? >> it seems to change every hour. darril issa made the statement
10:47 am
she was going to testify, and then what do we have? a situation developed where in essence, this is shocking, the lawyer said that is not true. i have no idea where darril issa got it from. and then an e-mail saying she will testify without waiving her fifth amendment privilege. no one knows who will show up and whether they will do it in private or public and whether she will assert her fifth amendment. and the lawyering on this is atrocious. >> trey said this earlier in america's newsroom. >> she's not getting immunity period. if i could say it in another language i would say. it i don't know another language. she's not getting immunity. she wanted to be deposed as opposed to testify. that is separate but she ain't getting immunity.
10:48 am
>> that is clearly stated. the question is whether she talks publicly tomorrow or next wednesday. that seems to be the read between the line. and then we come to this issue, what will she say that will lead the investigation in the way the republicans on the committee want it to go? >> i think, look, i ask the question if she testifying, the question has to be asked of her. the e-mail where they talk about doing regulations. it looked like it originated in the chief council's office. who took over these? we learned it was not just lois lerner herself. it was higher up people that were engaged in this and she had these communications going back and forth. if she testifies, that's what we need to find out. it contradicts what she said in
10:49 am
the apology and testimony. this is the most bizarre twisting and turning congressional investigation i have seen in decades and unbelievable to me she took the fifth amendment kind of and may have waived it in the way she said it and she's going to testify and not testify. and she wants to do it in a deposition format. and no one knows the answer to this and we'll not know until tomorrow. in the end of the day the american people deserve answers and who was organizing it and when. >> if she takes the fifth tomorrow how will you get those answers? >> it is interesting, we have civil litigation going on. if she takes the fifth amendment and can't not be deemed in admission of liability. in a civil case, the statement that you are taking the fifth
10:50 am
are deemed admitted and that presents a different situation and maybe that the discovery has to take place in the civil litigation as that moves forward. ultimately, if she has not waived the fifth amendment and i think she has. she will rescert it. we'll know tomorrow. 9:30 east other than time. we sh it. we'll know tomorrow. >> yeah we are. 9:30 eastern time. jay, thank you for your time. after much of the country was hit by this latest wind storm, millions now facing temperatures 15 to 30 apolo average. when can we expect relief. >> you made a guarantee. >> i said last cold day. >> you said last cold day until next winter. >> that's what i say but i'm no rick. we'll find out. >> back in a moment.
10:51 am
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massive wind storm to hammer the eastern half of the country, many areas face afternoon highs today that are 15 to 30 degrees below average. will spring ever arrive? lets ask our meteorologist live in the fox extreme "weather center." janice. >> i like your thinking about this perhaps being one of the last cold days? >> am i right? i think today in the 20s, it won't be this cold again until november. am i right? >> for the northeast, it's a possibility. for the next five to six days we're on an upward trend. for parts of the midwest and great lakes, we're not sure. we could get another arctic blast. certainly we saw temperatures in the single digits and teens and set records.
10:55 am
this is a tie for the lowest march temperature on record, for dulles minus 1. lowest on record for baltimore. a daily record set at dover at 6. record setting temperatures. for the northeast an upward trend over the next couple of days. the 40s this weekend. for the northern plains and upper midwest, still looking at that cold air hanging around over the next week or so. also want to point out we had freezing rain across portions of the gulf coast, including houston, baton rouge. that's where that cold front sank at far south as the gulf coast. things will warm up but will continue to watch the front push eastward. we could see a developing low off the coast over the next couple of days, which we will have to monitor. so far it looks like we're into a quieter pattern, which i am very thankful for. i'm even getting sick of seeing myself on television.
10:56 am
>> impossible. but you do need a vacation. >> somewhere warm hopefully. >> thank you, 28 in new york. you're saying not any cooler than 28. >> this is not based on science. >> willing to put a buck on that? >> i'm willing to put a buck on it. >> you got it. a teenager sues her parents because they won't support her. she's 18. we wanted to know from you today, what would your parents do if you sued them? >> your best answers right after the break. >> 28 degrees. >> that's it. it's going up from here. it's going up.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
we asked what would your parents do if you sued them prof
11:00 am
ground me ip definitely and then some. >> young lady needs to be drop kicked through the goalpost of life. >> laugh hysterically at me and tell me onto shovel the snow from the driveway. >> thanks for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> see you tomorrow. here is gretchen. >> fox news alert, a tense standoff continues in ukraine as russian forces fire warning shots from an air force base they now occupy. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." after marshalling troops into parts of ukraine, russian president vladimir putin claiming it's the west making things worse. claiming needed to go in to protect ethnic population living there. he says they are living under threat. it's the russian troops who seem to be calling all the shots.